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#redcardcovid19 is back. We won’t be silenced…

As many of our patrons are already aware, #redcardcovid19’s launch was rudely interrupted, after a promising start. Our organization’s expressed desire to highlight human rights violations and corruption in the sports sector was not well received by the representatives of several authoritarian governments (and at least one gambling company).

Shortly after Forbes.com gave Andy G. Sulu D. and I a surprise audience, #redcardcovid19 experienced significant “technical difficulties”. This is legalistic jargon (articulated by our company’s attorney) for a series of cyber-attacks which our organization experienced.

As our friends and patrons already know, we lost primary access to our domain names. We also lost complete access to our Twitter feed, and, after such a promising beginning, were forced to abandon construction of our Facebook page. As we have already informed our subscribers, no personal details or data for any individual or entity kind enough to express their support was compromised. As the director of a public relations and digital marketing company, we took step’s from #redcardcovid19’s launch to ensure full compliance to the EU GDPR, and all other prescient laws which govern the processing of personal data. No data has been compromised, but #redcardcovid19’s launch was, clearly, stunted.

We’ve regained full access to our WordPress hosting. Andy G. and I want those who sought to silence #redcardcovid19 to know that we’re back, and that we’re more committed than ever before to exposing the human rights violations, graft, theft, cyber-crime and malfeasance that has characterized sport in developing nations since the beginning of the pandemic.

We’ll soon be posting content as planned. We will continue to explore how nations once reviled by the international community have used Covid-19 to varnish their reputations. As this pandemic continues to claim lives, we’ll expose how sportsmen and women are at risk: both in the Western world, and in developing countries. Many key-workers and brave NHS staff on the frontline of the pandemic in the U.K are fighting so hard to keep patients, colleagues and the elderly safe. Simultaneously, many companies (and countries) are making a quick buck off the deaths of players, in leagues courted by Western gambling companies. We should respect all human life, and especially the brave doctors and nurses who keep us safe. We need to clap just as hard for the players in authoritarian states who generated billions in gambling dollars during the pandemic, as we clapped for the NHS.

We won’t be silenced by cyber-criminals. Please look out for our posts. Please share this blog with your friends, colleagues and social media contacts using the handle #redcardcovid19hack to show solidarity for the causes we want to highlight. Sport should not come at a cost to human life.

Thank you for reading this. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter via @redcardcovid19‘s Twitter account (run by Andy G.), my own Veera G account or via email to my own company, using Aggrandize Digital Solutions’ contact form.

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